Thursday, 15 November 2007

Winds of Change

Two children stand and listen to the wind.

They are as still as the frozen lake at their feet but their minds move and churn with the currents of air about their faces.

One turns to the other and places his lips softly to hers. He whispers a secret but it is lost - the wind reaches out a ehteral hand and snatches it from knowing.

The girl looks at him with such peace that he cant help but melt away ito the breeze. she watches him go, faint traces of colour on the edges of the air.

The girl then looks at her bare feet, they are marbled blue and purple with the cold. She exhales and warmth rushes to her toes. The ice about her starts to melt. Cracks emerge like spiders shattering in shock. The girl blinks. She slips away beneath the freezing deep.

The water ripples for a wing beat and the surface is frozen once more.

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