Sunday, 11 November 2007

Dreaming and Dust

I had a dark dream about a girl last night. It took place in a huge hall with a domed ceiling, like in the grand rafters of a cathedral. The atmosphere was so thick and suffocating it still clings to me hours after waking. The girl hung herself from the huge domed ceiling and left a man alone in the space to be haunted by her troubled shadow.

People came and went and the structure of the building rusted green and grey. I remember one woman wailing that she couldn't bear the though of the girl wrapping the rope around and around and around. The man just listened and felt the woman didn't know the half of it.

I think I was sometimes the man and sometimes the building itself. I felt the pain of the space so strongly I think I must have been within the walls and the rafters.

Now the dream is fading and the nausea of it all is being swept away by the mundane, like ancient dust under a dresser. But there are lingering bits of grey that the broom cant reach, the bits that nestle in corners for years until someone moves house and moves the dresser.


Benjiwise said...

I'm so, so impressed! Very dark. It shows that you're destined to be a writer when you take real dreams and turn them into short stories. The ending is really powerful.

kathryn said...

wow. i see the solid diet of six months of poe has left it's mark ! i think this is really wonderful.

i had this dream last night (really) except sort of back to front. i was talking to someone who is dead but in my dream they weren't - just far far away. i awoke heavily, just as you describe, and with a longing to get back to the dream.
i did a drawing for your story: