Friday, 1 May 2009

Colour Story

The day the colour came I found
The difference between here and there.
I found the place we’d met
And all the moments spent.

In the grey-grey we didn’t touch
Distance would prevail and we would fail
To fill the gaps.

Then the sun rose in shades
That blazed across my eyes
And bled to the corners of the sky.
It was the first I’d seen
And the ink was spilt and spilt
Till the world weighed with it.
Like blotting-paper drinking stains.

When the grey-grey was all consumed,
You and I stood where we first met –
Now dripping in colour.
Even the dirt beneath our feet was brilliant.
The colour led to the kiss
And my lips were red
In the place we met.

We got sick with it and
Wanted to die.
We got drunk on it and
Attempted to fly.
We swam in it
And sung with it
And Painting finally made sense
And we forgot what grey-grey was
And we made whole cities with rainbow houses.
We lived in it and
Fucked in it
And died in it.
We buried the dead in techni-colour coffins
Under grass no longer grey and grey.

Then the sun set and you kissed me
In the saturated dark
Now so rich and thick with it.
Time spun to infinity
In a multitude of shades.
But then it ended.

And the sun rose grey.
You stepped away and
It filled the space between.
And my lips were grey.
My lips were grey.
And that was the end of the brilliant,
Bold and heaving.
The colour was too much
And too brief for grieving.
So again we failed to touch
And you again were leaving.
As the sun set grey and grey.


Ben said...

The last three stanzas....just amaaaaaaazing. You astound me.

Ben said...

I've been reading all of these again in my current climate and the words have a whole new relevancy to me. *sigh*