Sunday, 16 March 2008

Gold and Milk

In the land of angels, the ground is made of marble. The sky is full of shifting clouds of white and gold, metallic paint spilled and swirled in a glass of milk. The clouds sing like wind sighing over bottle necks. Great and hushing accompaniment to the celestial. Sometimes rain falls from the dancing sky.

Drops trace their way to the ground. Filling curves in the stonework. Sculpture of the afterlife. Or the waiting life. Suspension?

Skyfall fills the basins. Places to cleanse. Sluice away the earth and the pain and the mortal.

Wings of swans can break a man’s leg. Wings of Angels can do so much more, terrible.

Lie supported and lie surrounded by the rain. Shallows are safe. No depths of unknown below, all that soars above. Out of reach. For now.

Mark your way across the eternal quarry. Or stay and listen to the heaving and leaping sound than awakens across sky.

Not a land of angels. This is no land. This is a world around the world. It is always a step or a sleep away. Or a moment of despair.

Reach me if you will. Take your hurt and wash it away in a basin of marble with the golden tears of above.

Reach me and listen to the sky sing the pain from your screaming bones.

Reach. Take. Make me feel again.

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